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Nobody likes to see their name up on the “INJURED” list before the match. While some injuries are highly unpredictable and are a part and parcel of the game, an oral injury is not. To ensure that you don’t miss out on your big match due to a knocked out tooth, get compact and durable athletic mouth guards designed to withstand high impact.

Safety and prevention are our top priorities and that’s why at TruSmile Dental, you get to avail the best quality athletic mouth guards for the sport that you love.

These mouth guards are most recommended for kids since they are the ones who are the most prone to an oral injury. That’s why we have a stock of mouth guards of varying sizes.

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Why Wear a Mouth Guard

Why Wear a Mouth Guard

Our athletic mouth guards:

The perks of choosing us over a sports store for your mouth guard is that our dentist in Calgary, AB, Dr. Gurmukh S Sahi, conducts a thorough and professional dental consultation with you to provide you with the mouthguard that suits and fits you the best. Say no to oral injuries! Get your dental appointment scheduled today.

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