Before & After Treatment Images

Before & After Treatment Images


Same Day Veneers

A 36 yr old female conscious of her smile because of missing and deformed front teeth a single visit bonded veneers were done on left front and back teeth and a tooth coloured anterior bridge on right side - patient was thrilled to get her NEW Smlie and confidence back SHE IS NO MORE SHY WITH A BEAMING SMILE - was very happy and satisfied and we too ....


Same Day Veneers

Patient was conscious of his smile and wants a quick time bound procedure to solve his problem.A SINGLE VISIT NATURAL looking Composite veneers were done without removing any existing tooth structure with zero after treatment concerns-Patient left the office with a ROCKSTAR SMILE ...


Invisalign & Composite Fillings

Patient did not liked her narrow smile and small canines - Invisalign with composite fillings gave her the BROAD and CONFIDENT SMILE she was LOOKING FOR .....


Composite Veneers


Client has a concern regarding fractured and rotated front tooth and an inwardly tilted front tooth next to it on upper left side .A single visit composite veneers were done on two teeth to create and HARMONIOUS and PLEASING SMILE - CLIENT was super happy and so are we....

Composite Bonding


Client has a concern regarding black spaces between lower front teeth after braces ,A single visit composite bonding generated and LIFELIKE and BEAUTIFUL outcome ....


Same Day Smile

Patient came to us to seek change in color and shape of her teeth along with closure of open spaces between teeth - A sSINGLE VISIT ,NON INVASIVE approach is used to correct Everything to give the patient a ROCKSTAR SMILE ....


Same Day Smile

Patient has a concern regarding discoloured old veneers and spacing between front teeth - A NATURAL looking and pleasing result was achieved in ONE VISIT with completely NON INVASIVE technique involving microbraion and digital smile design planning ...Patient loved the smile and her comment was I FEEL YOUNG AGAIN ....


Same Day Biomimetic Composite Veneers

A young boy came to us with a concern regarding small lateral incisors by birth and spacing between teeth - A NON INVASIVE single appointment NATURAL looking biomimetic composite veneers were done without removing any existing tooth structure and the BOY got the STUNNING smile he was LOOKING FOR....


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Rubal Sidhu

Dr. Sahi is very polite and gentle. I was extremely nervous for my procedure but he made me super comfortable and the procedure went very well. He has excellent bedside manners. Also he accommodated me last minute when he saw I was in so much pain, even though he was fully booked for any treatments. Highly recommend him. This is my 3rd dentist, and I am glad I finally found a good one

Adrian Holt

These people went absolutely above and beyond in the experience I had here. I cant give a good enough review for the service given at this place. Highly recommended. Very clean and professional

Sheena WD

I really enjoyed my experience here, which is weird to say about going to the dentist. Dr.Sahi made the experience a calming one and his bubbly personality made me feel at ease right away. His hygienist was such a sweet person as well. Everyone there treated us like family and made us feel really welcome and content. I will definitely be returning.

Greg Greg

Today was my first visit after switching dentists I was very pleased the office was nice and clean the staff was friendly and knowledgeable and definitely would recommend you to switch if you’re not happy with your dentist lots of free parking you don’t have to go in an elevator to get to the office just walk right up

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