CBCT Technology in Calgary, AB

CBCT Technology

CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) technology is a type of medical imaging that produces detailed 3D images of a patient's internal structures using a cone-shaped X-ray beam, a two-dimensional detector, a rotating gantry, and sophisticated software algorithms to reconstruct the 3D image.


CBCT Technology

  • High-Quality 3d Images With Low Radiation Exposure
  • Detailed Information For Diagnosis And Treatment Planning
  • Surgical Accuracy
  • Reduces The Need For Additional Imaging

What Is CBCT?

CBCT, or Cone Beam Computed Tomography, is a specialized medical imaging technique that produces three-dimensional images of a patient's internal structures. It is similar to traditional computed tomography (CT) imaging but uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam to capture more detailed images with lower radiation exposure. CBCT technology is commonly used in dentistry for diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical guidance.

The cone-shaped beam used in imaging provides a precise dose of radiation to the area of interest, reducing the risk of side effects and exposure to surrounding tissues. CBCT images also offer detailed anatomical information for precise surgical planning and guidance.

CBCT technology is vital in dentistry for diagnosing and treating various conditions like tooth decay, jaw disorders, and dental implants. Providing precise 3D images of the teeth, jaws, and surrounding structures, enables dentists to plan and execute complex dental procedures like orthodontic surgery, root canal treatments, and dental implant placement. Overall, it has revolutionized dental care, providing patients with more accurate and effective treatment options with less risk and discomfort.

How Has CBCT ‘Revolutionized’ Dental Imaging?

CBCT technology has brought a revolutionary change to the world of dental imaging. With its advanced capabilities, it offers high-resolution 3D images of the teeth, jawbones, and surrounding structures. These detailed images allow dental professionals to accurately diagnose and treat various dental conditions, from tooth decay to complex surgical procedures.

CBCT technology has also minimized radiation exposure to patients, unlike traditional X-rays, which often require multiple images to capture different angles of the mouth. This has reduced the risk of radiation-related side effects and made the procedure safer for patients.

Moreover, the precise images provided by CBCT technology have made dental treatments less invasive, with shorter recovery times and less discomfort for patients.

"Say goodbye to traditional X-rays and hello to the high-resolution 3D images of CBCT - the game-changer in dental imaging!"

CBCT Benefits

Accurate Diagnosis

CBCT technology provides high-resolution 3D images of teeth, jawbones, and surrounding structures, enabling dental professionals to diagnose dental conditions with greater accuracy than traditional X-rays.

Minimized Radiation Exposure

Unlike traditional X-rays, CBCT technology requires minimal radiation exposure to patients, reducing the risk of radiation-related side effects and making the procedure safer for patients.

Precise Treatment Planning

With detailed and precise images provided by CBCT, dental professionals can plan and execute complex dental procedures, such as dental implant placement, with greater accuracy and precision.

Less Invasive Procedures

CBCT technology has enabled less invasive dental treatments with shorter recovery times and less discomfort for patients. Additionally, CBCT has made the dental experience more comfortable and stress-free for patients.

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