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How is Teen Orthodontics Different from Adult Orthodontics?

There are many differences between teen and adult orthodontics, which is why it’s important to see an orthodontist who specializes in treating teens. Teens are still growing and their teeth are changing, so the orthodontic treatments that work for adults may not be effective for teens. In addition, teens often have different goals for their treatment than adults do. Here’s a closer look at some of the key differences between teen and adult orthodontics.

Difference Between Teen Orthodontics & Adult Orthodontics

1. Teens are still growing, which means their teeth are also still growing

It is important to keep kids’ oral hygiene in good shape, even during the teen years. As kids are still growing, this includes ensuring their teeth are healthy and properly aligned. Orthodontic care may be necessary to ensure kids have a healthy bite, as it can fix overcrowding of the teeth and other problems associated with improper tooth alignment. Working with an experienced orthodontist can ensure kids receive optimized treatment for their individual needs and get the best possible results from kids orthodontics.

2. Adult orthodontics focuses on straightening teeth that have already stopped growing

Adult orthodontics is a specialized dental service that focuses on straightening adult teeth that are no longer growing. This type of corrective dentistry can be used to improve aesthetic results, reduce any misalignment, and help correctly position the jaw. Orthodontic treatment for adults can have a range of benefits such as reducing the risk of developing dental problems like cavities and gum disease due to improper tooth alignment, as well as providing a healthier look by improving the overall appearance of one’s smile. For adult patients seeking to address crooked or crowded teeth and impaired oral function, adult orthodontic services may provide an ideal solution.

3. Teen orthodontics can be more aggressive because the goal is to correct the bite before all the permanent teeth have come in

For teenagers, orthodontic treatment can be more aggressive compared to adults. This is simply because the goal of the treatment is to correct the individual’s bite and ensure proper alignment before all the permanent teeth have come in. By beginning treatment sooner, orthodontists are able to use progressive force levels over shorter time periods and try to optimize the outcome for both aesthetic appeal as well as ensuring optimal facial development and improved dental health. Working with a professional pediatric dentist will provide teens with individually tailored orthodontic care designed to maximize their dental health while achieving their desired cosmetic results.

4. Adults may need to wear their braces for a longer period of time than teens

Orthodontic procedures are an effective and necessary treatment to align teeth properly and reduce the risk of future oral health issues. While teens typically work with orthodontists to determine the best treatments and braces they will need, adults may sometimes require different solutions due to changes in their mouths over time. Adults often need to wear their braces for a longer period of time than teens due to the slow nature of bones hardening. Orthodontists understand the specific needs for each patient, so it’s important for adults considering orthodontic care to discuss individual treatment plans tailored to their health problems with a professional.

5. Invisalign is not recommended for teens because they are still growing and their teeth are changing

Invisalign is an excellent choice for many adults, however it may not be the best option for teens. This is primarily due to the fact that teen’s teeth are still in a process of rapid change, plus their jawbones are relatively soft and could be distorted by continual pressure from the aligners. It’s recommended that teens look into other orthodontic options if they wish to adjust their teeth without relying on traditional braces. While Invisalign may be popular for its invisibility, the risk of not accounting for growing teeth could be much higher than most realize.


At TruSmile Dental, we want what’s best for our patients. When it comes to teeth, that means making sure they’re healthy and straight. And while some might think that orthodontics is only for kids, that’s not always the case. In fact, there are many benefits to teenage orthodontics that you may not have considered. So if you’re on the fence about whether or not your teen should get braces, book an appointment with our Calgary dentist today, or visit our website.