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Do Wisdom Tooth Need to be Extracted?

June 12, 2020

Some people are lucky to be able to retain their third molars. But for most people, the wisdom teeth need to be removed. The only way to know if your wisdom tooth needs to be removed or not is to consult a trusted wisdom tooth
extraction dentist near you in Calgary, AB. Your dentist will take x-rays and examine your bite to determine if the wisdom teeth will erupt properly without damaging the surrounding teeth and affecting the alignment of your teeth. If it
is found that the wisdom tooth will be impacted or would pose other complications for your oral health, wisdom tooth extraction may be recommended.

When do Wisdom Teeth Erupt?

Third molars or wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth that erupt in the smile line. The wisdom teeth generally emerge in the late teens or the early teens. As people
have attained an age of wisdom by then, the teeth earned the nickname ‘wisdom teeth’. In ancient times, our ancestors consumed coarse food and practiced little dental care. As such, the last set of teeth emerged just in time when the
previous teeth were lost or damaged at a young age. But today we consume refined food and the oral hygiene practices have also improved a lot.
Majority people have a full set of teeth when the wisdom teeth appear and many people’s jaws do not have sufficient space to accommodate this final set of teeth. Having a full set of teeth makes it a wise choice to get wisdom teeth
extracted as you can still function well without the wisdom teeth.

When Do You Need to Get Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Like any other teeth in the mouth, wisdom teeth are not removed unless they pose any harm to your oral or overall health. There are three primary reasons why a dentist may recommend wisdom tooth extraction in Carthage, NY:

      1. Impacted wisdom tooth

When your wisdom tooth does not emerge completely from the gum line, it is considered to be impacted. In such a scenario, the wisdom tooth can interfere with the growth and health of the surrounding teeth. Extraction is necessary in
this case to ensure good dental health.

    2. Crowding of teeth

Sometimes, the jaw line doesn’t have space to accommodate the new set of molars. When the molars erupt in the jaw, it can disrupt the functioning of the bite. Crowding can disrupt the bite and also cause misalignment of teeth.

     3. Shifting of teeth

As a wisdom tooth erupts, it often pushes the surrounding teeth and disrupts teeth alignment. Changes in alignment can cause several issues and also undo the results of an orthodontic treatment.

How are Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

There are two primary methods of wisdom teeth extraction – pulling the tooth out and surgical extraction. Pulling out the tooth is the ideal option. This method is useful when the tooth has emerged completely from the gum line but has
not implanted into the jaw bone properly. In surgical extraction, the tooth does not completely erupt from the gum line. The dentist makes incisions in the soft gum tissues and cut away parts of the jaw bone to extract the tooth. In
some surgical extractions, the dentist might need to break down the tooth into pieces before removing it properly.

If you feel like you may need a wisdom tooth extraction in Calgary, AB; the team, of TruSmile Dental is here to help you. We can conduct a consultation to determine if
the tooth needs to be extracted and the best method of extraction.

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