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Orthodontic Dental Services in Calgary, AB

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that is dedicated towards straightening and aligning teeth. We at TruSmile Dental understand this purpose and hence, offer you the best orthodontic treatment that you can avail with convenience.

Our dentist in Calgary, AB , Dr. Gurmukh S Sahi, conducts a thorough dental consultation and examination to get a clear picture of your teeth structure and understand how your orthodontic treatment should go about to achieve the smile that you desire.

Our aim is to provide you with a harmonious, functional, and aesthetic smile and to achieve it, we take a holistic approach with our orthodontic services.


Our Orthodontic Services

  • Early orthodontic treatment to spot the signs of future misalignment and prevent it at an early age.
  • Teen orthodontic treatment to focus on a certain misalignment and provide the best orthodontic treatment option.
  • Adult orthodontic treatment to treat a long-existing occlusion or a recently occurred misalignment in adults.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Cosmetic braces: We provide cosmetic dental braces to straighten your teeth with minimum hassles or compromises with your natural smile. Our custom-designed braces are meant to straighten your smile to perfection in minimum possible time.

Invisalign®: We also provide Invisalign® to our patients in Calgary AB to straighten their smiles with the most comfortable and convenient orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® is removable and is made of fine plastic to feel light inside your mouth. What’s most convincing is the fact that it’s completely transparent, meaning your natural smile will not be compromised a bit throughout your treatment.


Early Treatment

Dr. Sahi believes in early treatment. Much can be accomplished before all permanent teeth are in mouth in young and growing children.


Teen Treatment

This is the most common age for getting braces and depending upon their specific needs and how they want look during treatment, our teen patients have many treatment options.


Adult Treatment

Adults… It’s Your Turn! Orthodontic treatment in adults is not that different than treatment in teen patients. Few key considerations and motivating factors for getting in to treatment.


Cosmetic Braces

If you can’t wear aligners and don’t like silver brackets, clear braces are for you! We offer 3M™ Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic Brackets to transform your smile without the noticeable...



Using smile scan and Digital smile designing fabricating the aligners are easier than ever, but the key to creating beautiful smiles is the training and experience of the doctor who diagnoses your problems and develops your treatment plan.

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