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March 22, 2021
Worried about decayed tooth /teeth? Don’t worry as Root Canal Therapy is at your rescue! The term “root canal” actually means ‘washing the canals inside a tooth’s root’. Root canal treatment aids to stop dental aches and guards your teeth against decay or infection. A tooth’s nerve or pulp gets infected or inflamed due to–
  • decay
  • several dental proceedings on a tooth
  • chipped or broken tooth
  • severe injury to the face
When your dentist carries out a Root Canal Treatment, he/she takes out the inflamed or infected pulp. And the inside portion gets entirely washed and disinfected, followed by filling and sealing. When do you require a Root Canal Treatment?   Teeth consist of a soft-core referred to as dental pulp. The pulp stretches from your crown section to the tip of the tooth’s root in your jawbone. When your tooth breaks or has a severe cavity, bacteria get into the pulp. If you leave it untreated, the tissue joined to the tooth can get spoiled or infected. And due to this, an abscess may occur. This gradually may result in pulp death, bone loss, and the loss of the tooth itself. Symptoms:
  • Intense toothache when you bite or chew
  • Swelling on face, neck and, areas around the head
  • Hole in your tooth
  • Bone loss around the root apex
  • Cracked or broken tooth
  • Pimples all over your gums
  • Gums may swell
  • Major decay and darkening of the gums
  • Temperature sensitivity (hot and cold sensations especially)
Treatment Process Nowadays, a modern Root Canal Treatment is performed in one or two appointments. Though, this depends on the difficulty level of your tooth and your health condition.
  • Firstly, your dentist takes some impressions of your teeth to examine the stage of decay.
  • He/she may give you anesthesia to deal with the pain.
  • The dentist puts a rubber-like sheet also known as a ‘dental dam’ in your mouth. This is given to keep the tooth clean, protected, and free of saliva.
  • After washing the decay, your dentist does a small opening.
  • Then with tiny dental tools, your dentist removes the infected or damaged pulp.
  • Lastly, your tooth gets restored. Once your dentist puts the filling, a crown also termed as an artificial tooth is placed which appears real.
Benefits of Root Canal Treatment
  • You can chew as before
  • Perfect biting force and sensation
  • Normal appearance
  • Guards original teeth from severe pressure or strain
Practice proper dental habits to let your restored tooth stay for a lifetime. Get the Help you need! Now, if you’re looking for a ‘Dentist near mein Calgary, AB, for your root canal treatment, then surely call us at TruSmile Dental. Let your Dentist in Calgary help you with the best Root Canal Therapy along with high-quality care and comfort!
Root Canal Treatment
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