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Root Canal

What Is A Root Canal?

Infections or injuries of the soft tissues present inside your tooth can be the reason for tremendous pain. This generally happens due to the pressure on the nerve endings inside the pulp of the tooth. Feeling this pain is the potential of making you miss work and go through nightmares. Here at Floss Dental of Pearland, we provide a top-quality root canal treatment that involves the removal of infected pulp and nerve ending from your tooth. Undergoing this treatment will not just alleviate the pain but also ensure the overall well-being of your oral health.

When Are Root Canals Required?

Infection in tooth roots or the pulp generally requires root canal treatment. Some of the common signs that determine if undergoing a root canal are necessary are:

Moderate or tremendous pain that you continue to experience for a long period

Extreme sensitivity in the affected tooth to pressure and heat or cold

Deep cavities in the tooth that are visible

Facing the problem of tooth discoloration

Unexpected inflammation in the gums around the affected tooth


All the above-mentioned signs indicate that your tooth is in trouble and requires a dental root canal.

Which Dentists Are Responsible For Root Canals?

Our dentists at Floss Dental in Pearland are both qualified and adept at performing various kinds of root canal treatments. Going for a standard root canal doesn't require more than one to two hours at a dental office. In case the situation is very complex, we can also provide you with a referral to a root canal dentist or an endodontist. These dental professionals have advanced training in the field of endodontics which involves the study and treatment of situations affecting the interior structure of the tooth and pulp.

How Are Root Canals Performed?

Executing a few simples steps are necessary to complete the process of root canals in a successful manner

At first, a complete examination of your mouth will be done to make sure that going for root canal treatment can be a perfect choice for you.

Your tooth and the surrounding area will be treated with the help of numbing agents that help to prevent any sort of pain or discomfort during the entire process.

Isolation of the area of the affected tooth is done by our dentists to prevent any contamination of the site

A small opening is then drilled in the crown of the tooth to get access to the interior spaces of the tooth pulp

The pulp will be removed from the interior of the tooth. Specific instruments are used for shaping and scraping the tooth pulp and the root canal

A fluid is then used to disinfect the affected area or the pockets that are formed

Dentists use Gutta-percha (a rubbery material that offers effective support and stability to the tooth from within) to fill the space that is left after the removal of the affected pulp and the nerve endings

In most situations, a root canal crown can be utilized to prevent the damage caused due to chewing or biting

You will be provided with detailed instructions by our dentists regarding the aftercare tips for undergoing root canal treatment. Following these measures will help you have the best possible dental health in the days to come.

How Much Does Root Canal Treatment Cost?

Here at Floss Dental of Pearland, we accept most dental insurance plans. You need to know that root canals are considered to be therapeutic and not cosmetic under most of the plans. This means that the entire treatment will be covered to the optimum level. Our professionals also put in every effort to ensure that you get the best quality treatment at a pocket-friendly price range. The team at Floss Dental designs affordable options that fulfill your needs. You can easily manage the cost of a root canal or emergency dental services in Pearland.

What Are The Different Types Of Root Canal?

The team of dentists and other dental professionals in Pearland perform the root canal dental at our dental office. You can undergo the most effective treatments and experience great confidence. We also offer apicoectomy services for patients who have had other treatments in the past that have turned to be unsuccessful.

We are proud to have a dental team who are qualified to perform pediatric pulpotomy procedures to remove the damaged or infected pulp from the baby teeth. Special emphasis is laid to ensure the growth and development of the child's adult teeth are proper.

Why Consider Root Canal Treatment?

If you are suffering from severe pain that is affecting your ability to sleep, work, play or invest time in other areas of interest, root canal treatment can help resolve such issues with ease. Call us at 636-928-4090 to schedule an appointment today. Our dentists will discuss the symptoms and offer you the most efficient solution. We are looking forward to helping you out in every possible way.